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Become an Insectopia Museum Volunteer!!

We offer volunteers from all over the world the opportunity to be part of supporting the Museum’s staff
that works behind the scenes and includes working hands-on with the collections, jungle fieldwork and
collection, digitization and education about insects and their importance. Also, you will be able to
admire the Osa Peninsula, a world premier rainforest destination, dubbed one of the most biologically
intense places on earth. The pristine peninsula offers breathtaking, untouched scenery, secluded
beaches, and abundant wildlife encompassing lush primary rain forest and a complex system of
freshwater and marine resources. The opportunity to immerse you as the vacant Wild West of Puerto
Jimenez is equally shared by local residents and wildlife. While walking through the dusty streets of
Jimenez, it is not unusual to see scarlet macaws on the soccer field or white-faced capuchins that cross
the treetops adjacent to the main street.
We encourage you to learn more about our organization in order to continue its growth and to generate
a new heritage, knowledge and environmental conservation and education of our community. Your help


Aged 18 or over, in good physical condition, with a basic Spanish or English. You must be
friendly, communicative and able to work in extreme weather conditions (fieldwork), 4-6 hours work per
day. You must have a medical travel insurance policy for the duration of your stay.
Location: Our project has the facilities in the Puerto Jimenez downtown area where the collection and
the craft workshop are maintained. The Insectopia Insect Museum´s house located at the red star point
between the beach and the airport. The map shows main arrival locations (airport and bus stop) and the
shopping street. Everything is just a short walk from our project. The main shopping street is
approximately a 7 minute walk.
Extra service: Our program offers accommodation in San Jose with a host family designed for your
comfort. Transfer between the Juan Santa Maria airports to the guest house. Ask for this option.

Volunteer Program at a Glance:
Accommodations Covers food, lodging, wi-fi and AC
Minimum stay 1.5 weeks in order to optimize the orientation and training process.
About Work As a volunteer, you will take part in Insect conservation activities, including collection curation, mounting, labeling, database, field works, eco-tourism, environmental education and species identification.
Habitats Coastal, primary and secondary rainforest and pasture.


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