First inventory of insect biodiversity at the Osa Peninsula

The Insectopia Insect Museum is a nonprofit organization dedicated to insect preservation, research and education through a new natural and cultural heritage for the next generation in the southern Pacific of Costa Rica.

The Mission: The Insectopia Insect Museum’s mission is to promote public awareness, insect appreciation and research.

Vision: An institution focuses on expanding invertebrate centered education, research and natural conservation. Our collections will be the basis for the development of biological knowledge, scientific research and preservation of the insect biodiversity of the area. We will achieve this vision by:

1) Constructing and maintaining a uniquely and interactively designed series of insect displays for the general public.

2) Creating an internationally recognized insect-centered research facility which also contributes to increase the scientific knowledge and natural conservation in the Osa Peninsula.

3) Promote the use of insects as part of the natural resources that allow local families to increase their income while also participating in the conservation of forest areas.

4) Establish a network of volunteers, students, researchers, partners, colleagues and other stakeholders in order to expand the Insectopia Insect Museum and its outreach, research and natural conservation.