New Record: Marvelous Forest Cockroach At Sirena- Corcovado NP.

Marvellous Forest Cockroach - Cucaracha De Dos Lunas

New Record: Marvelous Forest Cockroach At Sirena- Corcovado NP.

Marvelous Forest Cockroach (Paratopes bilunata)

Hi everyone, Ale here, I am still excited about our finding a few weeks back of the marvelous forest cockroach!

As Jim, our friend Milton and myself were at a break of a course about plants of the Osa Peninsula (I’ll tell you about it later). Out we went to find what mother nature had to show. Being all about insects as we are, that’s precisely what we were looking for. To our surprise and not far from the Sirena station, we concurred with a group of squirrel monkeys (Saimiri oerstedii) that were doing exactly the same thing: Looking for insects! Although they didn’t only want to see the insects, they wanted to  taste them! (yum?!). As the insects were escaping from them, we had the chance to see a good bunch that were lucky enough to get away, and that flew down and near where we were.

Squirrel Monkey on the branches near the ground.

For all of us it was the first time seeing it, personally I had been looking for it for a a good while, so it was my highlight of the month of May. It is very rare to see them because they live high up on the trees.

Upon further investigations Jim explained to us that it was a new record for this area.

Jim also added “This amazing and colorful cockroach can be found on the Caribbean slope, the South Pacific of Costa Rica and the Western of Panama. This species had been reported before in Manuel Antonio, Monte Verde, Turrialba, Arenal, Dominical and Palmar Sur (INaturalist).
At least three individuals were observed flying away to avoid to be predated by Squirrel Monkeys.”


Nymph of a Tropidacris cristata that lost a hind leg, but managed to escape.

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