Meet our team

Meet our team

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Jim Córdoba Alfaro

Founder and director of the Insectopia Insect Museum

Founder and director of the Insectopia Insect Museum with 10 years of experience working with Neotropical butterflies. He has studied butterflies since he was 9 years old, when he also became a volunteer at the National Museum of Costa Rica.

He has traveled around Costa Rica for years collecting insects for the insect museum of the University of Costa Rica and the National Museum of Costa Rica. He served for a year at the National Museum, where he commissioned the digitization and specimen curing for the Zoology collections.

He wrote 12 articles published formally in international journals, discovered 3 new species of butterflies and recorded one mammal for Costa Rica, and has executed several taxonomic and ecological studies. He is currently a naturalist tour leader in Corcovado National Park, where he has travelled for over 4 years exploring the jungles. Currently, he is finishing his degree in Natural Resources Protection at the Distance State University (UNED).

Juan Daniel Gómez Hernández

Co-founder of the Insectopía Museum

Juan Daniel began working in the Drago Butterfly Garden in Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain, where he studied butterflies from American, Asian and African, recording the importance of reproduction in captivity especially with neotropical species. He carried out an experimental breeding project with Pieris cheirantii, a threatened, endemic species of the Canary Islands.

Daniel also contributed to a book entitled “Caterpillars and Butterfles of Europe VII” by Carlos Gómez de Aizpúrua by making expeditions throughout the six islands of the Canary Archipelago where he studied and recorded the life cycles of the butterflies there. He is currently Co-founder of the Insectopía Museum where he a curator of the collection.

Due to his expertise with butterfly gardens, he has consistently helped the local families of the Osa Peninsula who are dedicated to this type of business.