About Us

About Us

Insectopia Insect Museum will open in response to a lack of knowledge about biodiversity and environmental education in one of Earth's most biologically rich regions. We are an institute dedicated to insect research, preservation, education through the creation of a new natural heritage of long term for the next generations in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

Our organization understands that life in our world, including our species, depends on the important ecological role that insects play in the ecosystems. Yet, insects are an unknown animal group and only a small fraction of tropical insects have been described by science (certainly less than 20%).

Today, our world is facing a 'biological annihilation' of species and the 'Earth’s sixth mass extinction episode has proceeded further than most assume'. The disappearance of insects threatens to damage the broader, intricate ecological network of animals, and plants, which could cause ecosystems to become less resilient and affect species’ ability to survive in a rapidly changing world, including human life. This the massive loss of populations and species “reflects our lack of empathy” towards wildlife.

The extinction of large numbers of insects strictly associated with the rainforest is imminent. Our collection is the first step to an inventory of the biodiversity of the rainforest of the South Pacific of Costa Rica. It is the safest way to record and maintain a sample of the current biodiversity and to be able to retain it for future generations and researchers. Our collection is an information bank that will allow us to develop different projects and we will not know the functionality that this collection can have with the advancement of technology.

Costa Rica is home to the most beautiful and iconic insects in the world. Being able to create an interactive environmental education center where we can expose, educate and break myths about this biodiversity that is hidden in the forest and to show off in a tangible way that allows us an appreciation of this rich and amazing biodiversity.

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